Stargor Software

Calendar appointments in conjunction with those phones and addresses.
Calendar appointments in conjunction with those phones and addresses. When we meet for a term, usually useful information about who, where, for what purpose, what is the address of the place of the meeting, telephone numbers to this place, phone numbers to the person with whom we meet in August if the meeting is related to our product, license, lease agreement, appraisal, contract, service or project that we do. All this information easily or add using this software. No more searching. Comparing example. Calendar in our phone is not feasible to link the calendar with the contact record.

Individuals, private companies and contractors. Organizations, government offices, etc.
The most important place in the database, where we store data about us and contractors. This form allows you to store a wide range of information. Starting with contact details, including address history over time, the data needed for accounting of our business, personal data necessary for the employer. Here, too, you can check the financial balance of our partner or not in arrears, if there is an overpayment. This balance takes into account cołość settlements. And many other zastosowań.ne, companies and contractors. Organizations, government offices, etc.

Our revenues from various sources that we recorded.
Our revenues from various sources that we recorded.

Imported text messages from mobile phones.
A very rich source of information about addresses, dates. Having text messages over several years with all phones use the company allows you to instantly search for information.

Activity log user activity database and website.
A record of user activity database and website.

Bank Statements
A record of all bank transactions imported directly from the bank.
Enables rapid analysis and categorization of receipts and expenditures of the company.

List of advertising, dates of issuance and advertising media.
A place to store information about advertising content, date of publication, costs incurred and committed media (newspapers, portals, etc.).

Collection of passwords, logins and other data access.
Today, each of us has a lot of passwords and logins. When their number exceeds tens, not the way to deal with them differently as creating their registry in a trusted location.

A record of all transactions Paypal with one or more accounts.
This register can be imported automatically from Paypal.

The number of hours worked by our employees.
Allows full control and accountability of staff of the time worked. But also allows you to plan the schedule for a few weeks ahead, so that each employee can check the internet when to duty. It also enables invoicing external customers for the time employees.

Tasks to be performed with the assumed date of completion.
To Do List. Includes jobs with access to the place, time, people involved, projects or payments to make.

The history of all database entries in chronological order.
Give a quick overview for a business owner, "what's going on in the company." Each new kontrachent, order, product, sms, payment, claim the word everything, even when the employee turned on the morning the computer listed in chronological order.

Multilingual Glossary of terms used by the company.
At the moment, we provide support for the following languages: English (Angielski), Polish, Chinese Simplified (普通话), Russian (русский), Spanish (español) French (français), German (Deutsch), Arabic (العربية), Italian (Italiano) , Portuguese (português), Japanese (日本人), Romania (Roman).

List of works or projects on which the company operates.
Includes a complete balance that allows to realize the profitability of the project, the optimal dates paying vatu, retension or per payment dates.

Price list of services currently provided by the company.
Price list of services currently provided by the company.

Cases and tasks to be performed.
Cases and tasks to do that last longer consist of several stages in August and there is a congregation of documents. Ideally suited for clearing orders from customers, showing how application of force and resources has been borne by the company.

Sales Documents
Invoice for the sale of goods or services from the company's offer.
List of the company's sales in the time of the sale date, price, customer name, reduced inventory and so on.

Purchases Documents
Invoices purchase of goods or services by the company.
Shopping List Company together with the date of sale, the price, the name of the seller, increased inventory and so on.

The database of the contracts.
Such as mobile phones, satellite TV subscription, a contract legal services, Internet domain names, hosting, etc. agreement. But also contracts with the company's customers to effectively manage them.

Penalties Mandates I long to timely pay.
Most of the seats I have a deadline for payment of penalties, eg. 14 And this time, it is a relief of 50%. After this deadline, the fare increases exponentially. Sometimes, pressure forgotten mandate one can grow more than the cost of the program for summer use.

A reminder of the dates that displays each time you log on.
You will find a shortcut to what you should do, eg. Meetings, tasks, when I send the measurement to complete the project, etc. Also, you need to pay eg. The mandate, the penalty for wrong parking, rent, VAT etc. In brief sposb you will be informed if you have time to react.

Database worksheets containing details of work performed.
Database worksheets containing details of work performed, Who is doing and what this job is. Component Object Jobs.