IT Support
Core of IT services, software, managing servers and web design.

Business IT Support in City of London:
Are you often frustrated with technology and tech problems that consume all your available energies? With our  IT Support, you’ll know the technology you rely on will be matched to your specific business needs, so you can focus on what really matters.
  VoIP Phones
  Accounting Software (QuickBooks, Keytime, SAGE etc.)
  Network Solutions Network, Cabling, Wi-Fi, WAN, VLAN, VPN
  CCTV Monitoring
  Customer Relationship Management Software
  Hardware Maintenance
  Tailored PCs and Servers
  Administration of Microsoft Windows Servers
  Fast broadband without wires
  Static IP addresses on regular broadband
We also provide solutions that could scale at the speed of our business, supporting our growing customer base and expansion into nowadays markets. We've been impressed by both the power and flexibility.

Bespoke Database
Tailoring solutions

Nowadays, the process of creating good software is extremely time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, our strategy consists of developing derivations of our own exisiting product range, searching for the differences between the existing functionality and the specifications provided by the customer and then tailoring the chosen product to fit perfectly with the needs of the client.


  Sharing Internet connection on multiple computers,
  VPNs (Virtual Private Network),
  Installation of Internet routers,
  Installation and configuration swith'y,
  Network cabling,
  Sharing printers and network drives.

Next Generation
Permanent infrastructure contract management board2.

Build and Managed

We as a stationary remote administration of servers, Microsoft Windows family.
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- Windows 2000
- Windows 2003
- Windows Server 2003 R2
- Windows 2008
- Windows 2008 R2
- Windows 2012
- Windows 2012 R2
We are specilise in services such as:
- IIS (Internet Information Services) Web server and applications.
- Ftp server.
- Terminal Services server.
- Apache.
- Database servers:
Ms SQL Server
We are also hosting these services on our servers.

Data recovery
Rescue your files

Data loss is a painful loss and can be incredibly damaging to a business; often the data is more valuable than the hardware on which it is stored. So, what if your data is lost?
First of all, turn off the computer as soon as possible. Just pull the plug from the outlet. If you are reading this article on the computer where you have lost data, write down the phone number 077 8352 4096 and turn off the computer. Why do this? Because while the computer is on, applications and OS are running on the disk where the data is stored, and this leads to overwriting of the disk sectors, which is where your lost data is; you will overwrite your lost data and then it cannot be restored.

Team Viewer
Corel Draw
Microsoft Office 365
Windows Server
Visual Studio
Microsoft Access
Microsoft Visual Basic for Application
Microsoft Visual C#